ACF Front Form Shortcode

Get a plugin to use this shortcode from here.

Insert ACF Front Form using the [acf_front_form] shortcode.

Shortcode Attributes

  • field_group_id(Required)
    (String) Group IDs/keys to override the fields displayed in this form.
  • form_id
    (String) A unique identifier for the form. Defaults to “acf-form”.
  • post_status
    (String) Post status while adding new post via ACF Front Form. Defaults to “draft“. Choices of “publish“, “pending“, “draft“.
  • post_title
    (Boolean) Whether or not to show the post title text field. Defaults to false.
  • post_content
    (Boolean) Whether or not to show the post content editor field. Defaults to false.
  • submit_value
    (String) The text displayed on the submit button.
  • updated_message
    (String) The message displayed above the form after being redirected. Can also be set to false for no message.
  • label_placement
    (String) Determines where field labels are placed in relation to fields. Defaults to “top“. Choices of “top” (above fields) or “left” (beside fields).
  • instruction_placement
    (String) Determines where field instructions are placed in relation to fields. Defaults to “label“. Choice of “label” (below labels) or “field” (below fields).
  • field_el
    (String) Determines elements used to wrap a field. Defaults to “div“. Choices of “div“, “tr“, “td“, “ul“, “ol“, “dl“.
  • honeypot
    (Boolean) Whether to include a hidden input field to capture non-human form submission. Defaults to true.

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